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Hillel and Rosenzweig 1989

Hillel, D., and C. Rosenzweig, 1989: The Greenhouse Effect and Its Implications Regarding Global Agriculture. Res. Bull. No. 724. University Massachusetts, Agricultural Experiment Station.

Human activity is causing the release into the atmosphere of several radiatively active gases which, even in small concentrations, tend to block the emission of heat from the earth's surface. The progressive and even accelerating accumulation of these gases, if allowed to continue unchecked, is likely sooner or later to induce a warming trend and thereby modify the earth's climate. The exact character, magnitude, and regional distribution of the potential cliamte changes are not yet known. Predictions based on global climate models suggest a mean temperature rise of at least one degree Celsius to occur within a few decades. Although some obserevers believe that the predicted warming trend is already occurring and is discernible, current models are deficient and the available data are still inconclusive on the possible link between observed temperature trends and the greenhouse effect. However, if the predictions and purported indications are even partly correct, there could be profound effects on natural ecosystems as well as on agriculture, and climate change could become a major environmental problem in the foreseeable future. As the expected effects may well impact upon existing and planned long-term development projects, it is appropriate that we take a closer look at the process of climate change and its implications regarding productivity. This report is a review and critical evaluation of the existing state of knowledge on the so-called greenhouse effect as it relates to agriculture. It attempts to sift and winnow through the rather bewildering mass of information available to date, to distinguish between sound science and mere speculation, and to present as coherent a picture as possible at this time on what is truly known, what is yet unknown and must be researched, and what can be reasonably and responsibly be surmised in this important area. An attempt is made to strike a balance betweenthe alarmist view, on the one hand, and the complacent view, on the other, and to recommend a reasonable and timely approach to an issue that should not be ignored.

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