GISS Publications

These database pages index about 6000 publications authored or co-authored by NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies scientists and colleagues since the institute was founded in 1961. Most entries are refereed journal articles, but the database also includes tech reports and tech notes, report chapters, book chapters, conference proceedings papers, doctoral dissertations, and other research publications as well as some popular science articles. The database is not complete but is nearly so for the years after 1990.

Copies of some listed publications are also available here in PDF form. Otherwise, entries are citation and abstract only. Most listings also include a link to the appropriate journal website. Some include links to related news releases or non-technical science briefs describing the research.

Some complete papers provided here differ from the published form, most likely because they are post-publication versions that include typographical or other corrections. Unless otherwise indicated, the published version is the version intended by the author(s).

Recent Publications

Song, C., D.T. McCoy, T. Eidhammer, A. Gettelman, I.L. McCoy, D. Watson-Parris, C.J. Wall, G. Elsaesser, and R. Wood, 2024: Buffering of aerosol-cloud adjustments by coupling between radiative susceptibility and precipitation efficiency. Geophys. Res. Lett., 51, no. 11, e2024GL108663, doi:10.1029/2024GL108663.

Werapitiya, G., D. McCoy, G. Elsaesser, P. Field, and S. Rahimi, 2024: Meteorology modulates the impact of GCM horizontal resolution on underestimation of midlatitude ocean wind speeds. Geophys. Res. Lett., 51, no. 13, e2024GL108512, doi:10.1029/2024GL108512.

Wang, S., Y. Qian, K. Yoshimura, H. Bong, C. Risi, Z. Wei, H. Pang, W. Xiao, S. Lei, M. Xing, P. Zhao, H. Wu, Y. Shi, D. Wang, and M. Zhang, 2024: Skill of isotope-enabled climate models for daily surface water vapour in East Asia. Glob. Planet. Change, 239, 104502, doi:10.1016/j.gloplacha.2024.104502.

Cesana, G.V., O. Pierpaoli, M. Ottaviani, L. Vu, and Z. Jin, 2024: The correlation between Arctic sea ice, cloud phase and radiation using A-train satellites. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 24, no. 13, 7899-7909, doi:10.5194/acp-24-7899-2024.

Hartig, E.K., C. Haight, M. Hsu, N. Auyeung, R. Swadek, J. Ong, V. Gornitz, and R. Boger, 2024: A decade of salt marsh elevation change in New York City's coastal urban parks. Estuar. Coasts, early on-line, doi:10.1007/s12237-024-01374-3.

Roach, L.A., 2024: Accelerating Antarctic research amid rapid changes. Nat. Water, early on-line, doi:10.1038/s44221-024-00266-x.

Martre, P., S. Dueri, J.R. Guarin, F. Ewert, H. Webber, D. Calderini, G. Molero, M. Reynolds, D. Miralles, G. Garcia, H. Brown, M. George, R. Craigie, J.-P. Cohan, J.-C. Deswarte, G. Slafer, F. Giunta, D. Cammarano, R. Ferrise, T. Gaiser, Y. Gao, Z. Hochman, G. Hoogenboom, L.A. Hunt, K.C. Kersebaum, C. Nendel, G. Padovan, A.C. Ruane, A.K. Srivastava, T. Stella, I. Supit, P. Thorburn, E. Wang, J. Wolf, C. Zhao, Z. Zhao, and S. Asseng, 2024: Global nitrogen needs to improve wheat yield under climate change. Nat. Plants, early on-line, doi:10.1038/s41477-024-01739-3.

McGraw, Z., and L.M. Polvani, 2024: How volcanic aerosols globally inhibit precipitation. Geophys. Res. Lett., 51, no. 13, e2023GL107930, doi:10.1029/2023GL107930.

Li, L., N.M. Mahowald, M. Gonçalves Ageitos, V. Obiso, R.L. Miller, C. Pérez García-Pando, C. Di Biagio, P. Formenti, P.G. Brodrick, R.N. Clark, R.O. Green, R. Kokaly, G. Swayze, and D.R. Thompson, 2024: Improved constraints on hematite refractive index for estimating climatic effects of dust aerosols. Commun. Earth Environ., 5, no. 1, 295, doi:10.1038/s43247-024-01441-4.

Song, Q., P. Ginoux, M. Gonçalves Ageitos, R.L. Miller, V. Obiso, and C. Pérez García-Pando, 2024: Modeling impacts of dust mineralogy on Earth's radiation and climate. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 24, no. 12, 7421-7446, doi:10.5194/acp-24-7421-2024.

Hu, A.Z., and A.L. Igel, 2023: A bin and a bulk microphysics scheme can be more alike than two bin schemes. J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., 15, no. 3, e2022MS003303, doi:10.1029/2022MS003303.

Lamb, K., M. van Lier-Walqui, S. Santos, and H. Morrison, 2024: Reduced order modeling for linearized representations of microphysical process rates. J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., 16, no. 7, e2023MS003918, doi:10.1029/2023MS003918.