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Druyan et al. 1975

Druyan, L.M., R.C.J. Somerville, and W.J. Quirk, 1975: Extended-range forecasts with GISS model of the global atmosphere. Mon. Weather Rev., 103, 779-795, doi:10.1175/1520-0493(1975)103<0779:ERFWTG>2.0.CO;2.

Six cases of two-week numerical weather prediction experiments, begun from and verified against actual data, are presented to illustrate the extended-range forecasting capability of a global circulation model. The forecasts, all for Northern Hemisphere winter, are analyzed for both transient and time-mean properties of the predicted fields of wind, temperature, pressure, and precipitation. Rms temperature and sea-level pressure errors rise above persistence level during the first week, but forecast tropospheric zonal winds and 500 mb heights are superior to persistence throughout the two-week period. Time-mean forecasts display the model's climatological bias, but show skill in the prediction of surface temperature and synoptic-scale circulation patterns representing an improvement over climatology. Skill in precipitation forecasting is demonstrable for about one week.

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