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Aannestad 1973

Aannestad, P.A., 1973: Molecule formation. I. In normal HI clouds. Astrophys. J. Supp. Ser., 25, 205-222, doi:10.1086/190267.

We study the formation of simple molecules employing both gas-phase reactions and catalytic surface reactions on interstellar grains. We show that it is likely that interstellar grains will grow mantles, and we follow the variation in molecular abundances and mantle composition as the cooling elements deplete onto the grains, aausing a cloud to heat up and expand. It is found that CH, CH+, CO, and CN are most abundant when the clouds are dense (nH > 50 cm-3) and cold (T < 50°K), while OH and NH are most abundant when nH — cm-3 and T ∼ 50°K. The grain grows to a maximum size of about 0.16 μ in about 108 years, and the mantle is composed primarily of CH4 in the inner parts and of H2O in the outer parts.

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