Publication Supplements

Ornstein et al. 2009

This page provides online supplementary material for the paper "Irrigated afforestation of the Sahara and Australian Outback to end global warming" by Ornstein et al. (2009). Included are video animations of 10-year average precipitation anomalies for:

  • SRF(DCO) = Sahara-Forest only, with dynamic coupled ocean
  • SRF(FO) = Sahara-Forest only, with fixed ocean
  • AuRF(FO) = Australian-Forest only, with fixed ocean
  • SRF/AuRF(FO), = combined Sahara- and Australian-Forest, with fixed ocean

In all cases, the first frame is a 10-year annual average, corresponding to Figures 3a, 3b, and (5c and Figure 9), respectively, of the paper main text. The next 12 frames are 10-year monthly averages, January through December. Color scales are "nonlinear", and may be of differing magnitude in some frames (the scale used is indicated within each frame) to emphasize both small teleconnections and other small anomalies (and unfortunately "noise") as well as the large differences. The lower, right-hand corner displays the magnitudes of the minimum and maximum values of the precipitation anomalies for each frame. (DCO = Dynamical Coupled Ocean. FO = Fixed Ocean, with the same set of local 10-year averaged observed monthly SSTs, reused for each of the 10 years.)