What type of information is in the GISS publications database?

The database includes citations to documents written by GISS researchers. They are primarily scholarly articles which have appeared in refereed scientific journals, but the database also includes some NASA Tech Reports, book chapters, conference proceedings papers, doctoral dissertations, etc. All entries include at least one author who was affiliated with the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, either while conducting the research described or later in his or her scientific career.

How do I download a publication?

When you are examining a citation or abstract, look for one of the following hyperlinks:

A "Download PDF" or "Download Postscript" link leads directly to a copy of the paper, and the link will probably give an indication of the size of the download. A "Go to document" or "Go to journal webpage" link leads indirectly to a copy of the paper on a server outside the NASA domain.

How do I save a copy of a publication to my disk?

If your browser is configured to display PDF documents in the browser window, you may need to right-click or option-click on the download link in order to force your browser to download the file to your hard drive.

How do I view a Postscript publication?

You need a Postscript viewer, such as the free programs GSview, ghostview, or Check shareware archives appropriate to your computer and operating system.

When I click on a Postscript publication, I get garbage on the screen!

Your web browser is trying to display the raw file content in the browser window rather than download it to the hard drive. You must force the browser to save the paper locally.

I see an interesting citation, but there's no link to a copy of the publication.

If you see an abstract of interest for which the complete paper is not available on-line, either here on the GISS website or on the appropriate publisher's website, check the GISS personnel directory for the GISS-affiliated author's address. You may write him or her and request a reprint copy. If the author is no longer with GISS, you can check your nearest university or research library to see if it has the appropriate journal in the stacks.