Alumni Bibliographies

Publications by Nina Črnivec

This citation list includes papers published while the author was on staff at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. It may also include some publications before or after that period if another GISS researcher was a co-author.


Cesana, G., A. Ackerman, N. Črnivec, R. Pincus, and H. Chepfer, 2023: An observation-based method to assess tropical stratocumulus and shallow cumulus clouds and feedbacks in CMIP6 and CMIP5 models. Environ. Res. Commun., 5, no. 4, 045001, doi:10.1088/2515-7620/acc78a.

Črnivec, N., G. Cesana, and R. Pincus, 2023: Evaluating the representation of tropical stratocumulus and shallow cumulus clouds as well as their radiative effects in CMIP6 models using satellite observations. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 128, no. 23, e2022JD038437, doi:10.1029/2022JD038437.

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