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Zinn and Kowalski 1995

Zinn, H.P., and A.D. Kowalski, 1995: An efficient PBL model for global circulation models - Design and validation. Bound.-Layer Meteorol., 75, 25-59, doi:10.1007/BF00721043.

An efficient planetary boundary layer (PBL) model is developed and validated with empirical data for applications in general circulation models (GCMs). The purpose of this PBL model is to establish the turbulent surface fluxes as a function of the principal external PBL parameters in a numerically efficient way. It consists of a surface layer and a mixed layer matched together with the conditions of constant momentum heat flux at the interface. An algebraic solution to the mean momentum equations describes the mixed-layer velocity profile and thus determines the surface wind vector. The velocity profile is globally valid by incorporating the effect of variable Corilois force without becoming singular at the equator. Turbulent diffusion depends on atmospheric stability and is modeled in the surface layer by a drag law and with first-order closure in the mixed layer. Radiative cooling in the stably stratified PBL is considered in a simple manner. The coupled system is solved by an iterative method. In order to preserve the computational efficiency of the large-scale model, the PBL model is implemented into the GISS GCM by means of look-up tables with the bulk PBL Richardson number, PBL depth, neutral drag coefficient, and latitude as independent variables.

A validation of the PBL model with observed data in the form of Rossby number similarity theory shows that the internal feedback mechanisms are represented correctly. The model, however, underpredicted the sensible heat-flux. A subsequent correction in the turbulence parameterization yields better agreement with the empirical data. The behavior of the principal internal PBL quantities is presented by a range of thermal stabilities and latitudes.

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AU  - Zinn, H. P.
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VL  - 75
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DO  - 10.1007/BF00721043
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