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Zhang et al. 2023

Zhang, Y., Z. Jin, and M. Ottaviani, 2023: Comparison of clouds and cloud feedback between AMIP5 to AMIP6. MDPI Atmos., 14, no. 6, 978, doi:10.3390/atmos14060978.

We examine the changes in clouds and cloud feedback between Phase 5 (AMIP5) and Phase 6 (AMIP6) of the Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project. Each model is perturbed by uniformly increasing the sea surface temperature by 4 K. The simulated cloud fraction, the perturbed states and cloud radiative kernels are used to derive cloud feedback in the shortwave (SW), longwave (LW) and their sum (Net). Compared to AMIP5, the cloud fraction in AMIP6 increases by 9.1%, while the perturbation leads to a 0.25% decrease. The Net cloud feedback at the top of the atmosphere (TOA) is almost double (174%), because the surface Net component (62%) experiences an increase in the surface SW cloud feedback, mainly due to optically thick, middle and low clouds. The contribution of the atmospheric Net component (12%) stems from the increase of the atmospheric LW cloud feedback, which is likely to play a role in weakening (strengthening) the north-ward (southward) meridional atmospheric energy transport, while the opposite is true for the surface LW and Net cloud feedback in the meridional oceanic energy transport. The substantial increase in cloud feedback at the TOA primarily contributes to the highly-biased climate sensitivity. The cloud feedback spread in AMIP6 is essentially not improved.

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ID  - zh05500d
AU  - Zhang, Y.
AU  - Jin, Z.
AU  - Ottaviani, M.
PY  - 2023
TI  - Comparison of clouds and cloud feedback between AMIP5 to AMIP6
JA  - MDPI Atmos.
JO  - MDPI Atmosphere
VL  - 14
IS  - 6
SP  - 978
DO  - 10.3390/atmos14060978
ER  -

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