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Zhou et al. 2019, submitted

Zhou, T., M.A. Geller, D. Shindell, G.A. Schmidt, G.S. Faluvegi, M. Kelley, R. Ruedy, I. ALeinov, L. Nazarenko, N. Tausnev, S. Sun, R.D. Field, and Y. Cheng, 2019: Modeling the QBO with interactive ozone chemistry and radiation. J. Atmos. Sci., submitted.

Many groups have reported obtaining rather realistic stratospheric quasi-biennial oscillations (QBO) in comprehensive climate models: namely, QBOs with realistic periods, amplitudes, and downward penetration. In addition, with the increasing usage of chemistry-climate models, there have been papers indicating that the inclusion of interactive ozone chemistry and radiation leads to a QBO with longer period and slightly larger amplitude, all other aspects of the model being held constant, but there is no agreement on the causes for these differences. Here, we try to explain these differences using GISS models. We find that the increased QBO period with interactive ozone is caused by enhanced tropical upwelling in the stratosphere. We explore two possible causes of this increased tropical upwelling — the first being changes in the radiative dissipation of atmospheric waves attendant on the nearly in-phase relationship between ozone and temperature waves in the lower stratosphere, and the second being the differences between the climatology of interactively generated ozone and that of the specified ozone. Our conclusion is that both can be important in accounting for the lengthening of the QBO period in models with interactive ozone chemistry and radiation relative to models where ozone is specified. Since the discrepancies of ozone climatology between interactive and non-interactive runs are likely model dependent, they may underlie considerable divergences in the amount of lengthening of QBO periods in various models.

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