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Zakharova et al. 1988

Zakharova, N.T., V.A. Petrushin, and E.L. Yushchenko, 1988: Denotational semantics of mixed computation processes for a structural programming language. Cybernetics, 24, no. 1, 19-32, doi:10.1007/BF01069522.

The process of mixed computations (MC) is an extension of the process of ordinary computations to the case of partially specified input data and presupposes on the one hand some partial computations and, on the other hand, the synthesis of the remainder program. An important characteristic of the MC process is its functional correctness (FC) as the realization of the partial computation principle.

The theory of MC finds now more and more practical applications and is being developed in many directions including such as realization of universal program products, dynamic program paralleling, and optimization. Unfortunately, in spite of the appearance of various realizations of MC algorithms (mixed computers), relatively few works have been published devoted to formal description of MC processes and to the demonstration of their correctness. Jn fact, the only notable works are, which describes three MC algorithms in the class of standard program schemes and discusses their FC, and in which are realized four mixed execution operators in the class of structural operator programs and their FC is demonstrated.

The topic of this paper is the formalization of two denotational MC models in a simple structural programming language L which includes integer variables and constants, logical and arithmetical operations, and assignment, loop, conditional, and composite statements.

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PY  - 1988
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