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Yurchenko et al. 2017

Yurchenko, S.N., D.S. Amundsen, J. Tennyson, and I.P. Waldmann, 2017: A hybrid line list for CH4 and hot methane continuum. Astron. Astrophys., 605, A95, doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201731026.

Molecular line lists are important for modelling absorption and emission processes in atmospheres of different astronomical objects, such as cool stars and exoplanets. In order to be applicable for high temperatures, line lists for molecules like methane must contain billions of transitions, which makes their direct (line-by-line) application in radiative transfer calculations impracticable. Here we suggest a new, hybrid line list format to mitigate this problem, based on the idea of temperature-dependent absorption continuum.

The line list is partitioned into a large set of relatively weak lines and a small set of important, stronger lines. The weaker lines are then used either to construct a temperature-dependent (but pressure-independent) set of intensity cross sections or are blended into a greatly reduced set of "super"-lines. The strong lines are kept in the form of temperature independent Einstein A coefficients.

A line list for methane (CH4) is constructed as a combination of 17 million strong absorption lines relative to the reference absorption spectra and a background methane continuum in two temperature-dependent forms, of cross sections and super-lines. This approach eases the use of large high temperature line lists significantly as the computationally expensive calculation of pressure dependent profiles only need to be performed for a relatively small number of lines. Both the line list and cross sections were generated using a new 34 billion methane line list (34to10), which extends the 10to10 line list to higher temperatures (up to 2000 K). The new hybrid scheme can be applied to any large line lists containing billions of transitions. We recommend to use super-lines generated on a high resolution grid based on resolving power (R=1,000,000) to model the molecular continuum as a more flexible alternative to the temperature dependent cross sections.

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