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Yang et al. 2001

Yang, P., B.-C. Gao, B.A. Baum, Y.X. Hu, W.J. Wiscombe, M.I. Mishchenko, D.M. Winker, and S.L. Nasiri, 2001: Asymptotic solutions for optical properties of large particles with strong absorption. Appl. Opt., 40, 1532-1547, doi:10.1364/AO.40.001532.

The transverse wave condition is not applicable to the refracted electromagnetic wave within the context of geometrical optics when absorption is involved. Either the TM or the TE wave condition can be assumed for the wave to locally stisfy the electromagnetic boundary condition in a ray-tracing calculation. The assumed wave mode affects both the reflection and the refraction coefficients. As a result, nonunique solutions for these coefficients are inevitable. In this study the appropriate solutions for the Fresnel reflection-refraction coefficients are identified in light-scattering calculations based on the ray-tracing technique. In particular, a 3×2 refraction or transmission matrix is derived to account for the inhomogeneity of the refracted wave in an absorbing medium. An asymptotic solution that completely includes the effect of medium absorption on Fresnel coefficients is obtained for the scattering properties of a generally polyhedral particle. Numerical results are presented for hexagonal plates and columns with both preferred and random orientations.

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ID  - ya03000u
AU  - Yang, P.
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TI  - Asymptotic solutions for optical properties of large particles with strong absorption
JA  - Appl. Opt.
JO  - Applied Optics
VL  - 40
SP  - 1532
EP  - 1547
DO  - 10.1364/AO.40.001532
ER  -

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