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Wright et al. 2022

Wright, C., B. Alo, R. Garland, N.E. Touré, N. Chirinda, E. Kituyi, K. Khomsi, L.B. Tchuikoua, N. Ozor, I.S. Zakari, H. Liebenberg-Enslin, B. Wernecke, S. Feresu, K. Amegah, A. Kolimenakis, B. Koné, G. Mbayo, P. Osano, A. Kehbila, S. Sojinu, N. Beyene, A.A. Elfahal, H. Wanjiru, A. Kamau, D. Shindell, K. Hicks, C. Malley, J. Kuylenstierna, C. Heaps, A. Mbandi, V. Foltescu, P. Young, P. Kumar, O.E. Abiye, S. Keita, B. Brida, A. Mazzeo, M. Tahri, T. Thambiran, M. Josipovic, S. Perumal, W. Moturi, L. El Ghazouani, A. Nadem, K. Khisa, Y. Nyokabi Gachugi, A.S. Bockarie, J.K Mutegi, E. Palmer, E. Michalopoulou, J. Slater, C. O'Neill, C. Sitati, R.K. Masumbuko, L.M. Nzuve, S. Ulloa, J. Vande Hey, R. Naidoo, K. Ukoba, B. Awokola, G. Okello, A. Nyambane, H. Bakare, L. Makanji, G. Mwaniki, P. Murage, A. Faye, M. Boko, W. Elvis, R. Kumar, W. Tang, F. Pope, R. Moolla, A.K.M. Kablan, G. Faluvegi, L. Parsons, E. Nagamoto, R. Kai, N. Matandirotya, M. Bounakhla, H. Merabet, M.H. Khalil, N.J. Muthama, C. Oludhe, B. Muok, W. Khaemba, N. Williams, A. Yvan, J.-P. Mfuamba Mulumba, S.O. Anyango, G. Opondo, R.T. Ayah, F. Muhirwa, and N. Borgford-Parnell, 2022: Integrated Assessment of Air Pollution and Climate Change for Sustainable Development in Africa: Summary for Decision Makers. United Nations Environment Programme.

The Integrated Assessment of Air Pollution and Climate Change for Sustainable Development in Africa is the result of a scientifically underpinned process aimed at catalyzing and supporting transformative development in Africa. It examines the role that short-lived climate pollutants, greenhouse gases (GHGs), and other polluting emissions play in sustainable development. It analyzes strategies, policies, and measures to mitigate these pollutants while supporting development and human health and wellbeing in Africa as the continent adapts to climate change and pursues its sustainable development objectives over the next four decades. It was undertaken between 2020 and 2022 through a partnership between the African Union Commission (AUC), the UN Environment Programme Regional Office for Africa (ROA), the UNEP-convened Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). The Assessment was written by a pan- Africa team with contributions from international scientists and experts, and helped build a regional science to policy network.

  • ISBN 978-92-807-3989-3.

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BT  - Integrated Assessment of Air Pollution and Climate Change for Sustainable Development in Africa: Summary for Decision Makers
SN  - 978-92-807-3989-3
PB  - United Nations Environment Programme
ER  -

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