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Woo et al. 2013

Woo, S., J.-J. Baik, H. Lee, J.-Y. Han, and J.M. Seo, 2013: Nonhydrostatic effects on convectively forced mesoscale flows. Atmosphere, 23, no. 3, 293-305, doi:10.14191/Atmos.2013.23.3.293. (In Korean)

Nonhydrostatic effects on convectively forced mesoscale flows in two dimensions are numerically investigated using a nondimensional model. An elevated heating that represents convective heating due to deep cumulus convection is specified in a uniform basic flow with constant stability, and numerical experiments are performed with different values of the nonlinearity factor and nonhydrostaticity factor. The simulation result in a linear system is first compared to the analytic solution. The simulated vertical velocity field is very similar to the analytic one, confirming the high accuracy of nondimensional model`s solutions. When the nonhydrostaticity factor is small, alternating regions of upward and downward motion above the heating top appear. On the other hand, when the nonhydrostaticity factor is relatively large, alternating updraft and downdraft cells appear downwind of the main updraft region. These features according to the nonhydrostaticity factor appear in both linear and nonlinear flow systems. The location of the maximum vertical velocity in the main updraft region differs depending on the degrees of nonlinearity and nonhydrostaticity. Using the Taylor-Goldstein equation in a linear, steady-state, invscid system, it is analyzed that evanescent waves exist for a given nonhydrostaticity factor. The critical wavelength of an evanescent wave is given by λc.

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ID  - wo04100o
AU  - Woo, S.
AU  - Baik, J.-J.
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AU  - Han, J.-Y.
AU  - Seo, J. M.
PY  - 2013
TI  - Nonhydrostatic effects on convectively forced mesoscale flows
JA  - Atmosphere
VL  - 23
IS  - 3
SP  - 293
EP  - 305
DO  - 10.14191/Atmos.2013.23.3.293
ER  -

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