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Wilson and Stothers 1975

Wilson, R.E., and R. Stothers, 1975: On angular momentum transfer in binary systems. Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 170, 497-501.

The limiting efficiency is considered with which orbital angular momentum can be converted into rotational angular momentum, Jrot, of the mass-gaining component in binary systems which undergo mass exchange. This limit (dJ/dM)max, then specifies the maximum extent to which the observed rates of period change, dP/dt, can be affected by such reduction of orbital angular momentum. In most cases this process cannot seriously affect dP/dt, and therefore can be safely neglected in computing mass transfer rates and in comparing dP/dt values with evolutionary model calculations. Upon integrating (dJ/dM)max over the entire accretion process, we find that the maxium accumulated rotational angular momentum is larger than the amount implied by the observed underluminosities of stars in certain extreme binary systems, by factors of 3 to 4. Shell stars and emission-line stars in binary systems may be produced when core angular momentum is later transferred into an envelope which already has nearly the limiting Jrot.

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