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Wilson and Leung 1977

Wilson, R.E., and K.-C. Leung, 1977: V 701 Scorpii and its place among early contact binaries. Astron. Astrophys., 61, 137-140.

A solution of light curves of the early type eclipsing binary V 701 Scorpii shows a large degree of overcontact, with the surface of the common envelope lying about halfway between the inner and outer contact surfaces. This result is independent of the assumed mass ratio, q, for which no spectroscopic value is known. The mass ratio is determined only very weakly from the photometry, due to the low inclination. We have assumed q = 1.00, partly because the photometric solution fits the observations slightly better for this value than for, say, q=0.6, but mostly because the large degree of overcontact should lead to an extremely large mass flow (and period change) if the masses are unequal. If q is, in fact, unity, V 701 Sco is the only contact binary presently known which escapes the Kuiper (1941) paradox by reason ofhaving equal mass components. It now appears that contact binaries are rather common among earlytype stars, as the contact natures of SV Cen, BH Cen, V 1010 Oph, V 382 Cyg, 29 C Ma, V 729 Cyg, V 1073 Cyg, AU Pup, V 535 Ara and RZ Pyx, in addition to V 701 Sco, have been established within the last two years. V 701 Sco is on or close to the zero age main sequence and therefore may have been formed by fission essentially in its present state. For further progress in understanding this binary there is an acute need for radial velocity and time of minimum observations.

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