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Wilson 1974

Wilson, R.E., 1974: Binary stars - A look at some interesting developments. Mercury, 3, no. 5, 4-12.

The study of binary stars begins with the same problems and principles which are encountered for single stars but presents many new ones as well. Some of the main areas of research on these objects include: (1) Decoding the information in the observational record: none of the close binaries can be separated visually, even in a large telescope. For such systems changes in the brightness and the radial velocity are analyzed to determine the characteristics of the two component stars. (2) Developing a theory of the direct physical interaction of binary stars: stars which are very close to each other are expected to interact, both by tides and by radiation. Many are found to be exchanging material between components, and all do so eventually. (3) Predicting the evolution of such systems. The proximity of the other star will alter the life cycle through which each star goes. The results of (1) are compared with predictions based on (2) and on single star evolution theory to discover the various stages which occur.

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PY  - 1974
TI  - Binary stars - A look at some interesting developments
JA  - Mercury
VL  - 3
IS  - 5
SP  - 4
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