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Vrtilek 1985

Vrtilek, J.M., 1985: Seyfert galaxy narrow-line regions. II. Kinematic models. Astrophys. J., 294, 121-133, doi:10.1086/163280.

A class of kinematic models for the narrow-line regions of active galactic nuclei is presented. The models incorporate continuity-constrained radial flow of emitting material in a bounded, spherical geometry. They are designed to represent the narrow-line regions in as simple a manner as is consistent with current knowledge.

The systematic comparison of line profiles arising from the models to the spectra in the forbidden [O III] λ5007 emission line which have been described in Paper I of this series is used as a probe of the line-emitting region kinematics: the model parameter areas of interest are identified and tested for consistency with the data. The results indicate heterogeneous kinematic conditions; the most common pattern is outflow of emitting material in a radially decelerating velocity field in the presence of distributed obscuration. However, some observed line profiles can be fitted by several model profiles from very different kinematic conditions, indicating that the information in a spatially unresolved line profile is insufficient to constrain uniquely the geometry and kinematics of the line-emitting region. Although the specific conclusions are model dependent, a predominantly radial pattern of velocities and a distribution of obscuring material are probably essential features of any successful kinematic model of the narrow-line regions.

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