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Ungar and Goward 1983

Ungar, S.G., and S.N. Goward, 1983: Enhanced crop discrimination using the mid-IR (1.55-1.75 µm). Adv. Space Res., 3, 291-295, doi:10.1016/0273-1177(83)90134-5.

Improvements in crop discrimination can be realized by using mid-IR bands (1.55-1.75 µm and 2.08-2.35 µm) which are sensitive to canopy moisture content. Analyses of data from two growing seasons in Webster County, Iowa clearly indicate that corn and soybeans are highly separable in the mid-IR from early season through harvest. This contrasts sharply with visible and near-IR bands where corn and soybeans are confused throughout much of the growing season. The mid-IR temporal reflectance behavior appears to result from differences between C4 monocot and C3 dicot internal leaf structure. If this hypothesis holds, mid-IR observations should improve discrimination in other instances where similar differences in internal leaf structure are present.

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ID  - un02000x
AU  - Ungar, S. G.
AU  - Goward, S. N.
PY  - 1983
TI  - Enhanced crop discrimination using the mid-IR (1.55-1.75 µm)
JA  - Adv. Space Res.
JO  - Advances in Space Research
VL  - 3
SP  - 291
EP  - 295
DO  - 10.1016/0273-1177(83)90134-5
ER  -

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