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Tsuruta and Cameron 1966

Tsuruta, S., and A.G.W. Cameron, 1966: Some effects of nuclear forces on neutron-star models. Can. J. Phys., 44, 1895-1922, doi:10.1139/p66-157.

Two composite equations of state have been used in the investigation of the structure of neutron (or hyperon or baryon) stars. These have been based upon two forms of the neutron-neutron potential suggested by Levinger and Simmons. In one form, repulsive forces come in quickly at greater than nuclear densities, while, in the other form, the repulsive forces come in slowly. In the former case the maximum stable mass of a neutron star is about two solar masses, whereas in the latter case it is only about one solar mass. This probably represents a measure of the basic uncertainty in the properties of neutron-star models due to our lack of knowledge of nuclear forces. The maximum central density of a stable configuration is similarly uncertain; this density probably lies in the range 1015 to 1016 g/cm3. Details of many of the neutron-star models calculated are summarized and discussed.

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