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Tsuruta et al. 1972

Tsuruta, S., V. Canuto, J. Lodenquai, and M. Ruderman, 1972: Cooling of pulsars. Astrophys. J., 176, 739-744, doi:10.1086/151675.

Cooling rates are calculated for superfluid neutron stars of about 1 M and 10 km radius, with magnetic fields from zero to about 1014 gauss, when possible internal friction effects are neglected. Our results show that most old pulsars are so cold that thermal ionization of surface atoms would be negligible. At an age of 106 years and with canonical magnetic fields of 101 gauss, the estimated stellar surface temperature is several thusaond to a hundred thousand degrees. However, if we neglect magnetic fields and superfluid states of nucleaons, the same surfaces would be about 106°K.

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