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Trafton and Stone 1974

Trafton, L.M., and P.H. Stone, 1974: Radiative-dynamical equilibrium states for Jupiter. Astrophys. J., 188, 649-656, doi:10.1086/152759.

In order to obtain accurate estimates of the radiative heating that drives motions in Jupiter's atmosphere, previous radiative equilibrium calculations are improved by adding the NH3 opacities and updated results for the pressure-induced opacities. These additions increase the radiative lapse rate near the top of the statically unstable region and lead to a fairly constant radiative lapse rate below the tropopause. The radiative-convective equilibrium temperature structure consistent with these changes is calculated, but it differs only slightly fom earlier calculations. The radiative equilibrium calculations are used to calculate whether equilbrium states can occur on Jupiter which are similar to baroclinic instability regimes on the Earth and Mars. The results show that Jupiter's dynamical regime cannot be of this kind, except possibly at very high latitudes, and that its regime must be a basically less stable one that this kind.

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