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Travis and Matsushima 1968

Travis, L.D., and S. Matsushima, 1968: Radiative opacity in stellar atmospheres: I. Metal absorption coefficients. Astrophys. J., 154, 689-714, doi:10.1086/149790.

The results of numerical computations of the atomic absorption coefficients due to the elements C, N, 0, Na, Mg, AI, Si, Cr, Fe, and Ni are presented. The quantum defect method is used for the determination of the photo-ionization cross-sections except in the cases of Cr, Fe, and Ni For these metals, detailed hydrogenic approxin1ations are used owing to the inapplicability of the quantum defect method when LS coupling is not valid These cross-sections are used to compute the atomic absorption coefficients for temperatures ranging from θ = 138 to θ = 036, with an interval of Δθ = 006, and a range in wavelengths of λλ1033-59958. The random errors involved in the empirical determination of the quantum defect are found to be comparable to the accuracy of the computed cross-sections estimated from comparisons with experimentally determined values. Finally, the relative importance of metal absorptions in radiative opacity is examined for the atmospheric conditions of the solar-type and other spectral classes.

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ID  - tr01100t
AU  - Travis, L. D.
AU  - Matsushima, S.
PY  - 1968
TI  - Radiative opacity in stellar atmospheres: I. Metal absorption coefficients
JA  - Astrophys. J.
VL  - 154
SP  - 689
EP  - 714
DO  - 10.1086/149790
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