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Thaddeus et al. 1985

Thaddeus, P., C.A. Gottlieb, A. Hjalmarson, L.E.B. Johansson, W.M. Irvine, P. Friberg, and R.A. Linke, 1985: Astronomical identification of the C3H radical. Astrophys. J., 294, L49-L53, doi:10.1086/184507.

The C3H radical has been identified in the millimeter-wave spectra of IRC +10216 and TMC-1. In IRC +10216, four rotational transitions have been observed, three in the lower fine-structure ladder (2Pi1/2) and one in the upper (2Pi3/2), each a resolved or partially resolved lambda-doublet. In TMC-1, both lambda components of the lowest lying 3/2-1/2 transition of the 2Pi1/2 ladder have been observed, each with well-resolved hfs. In IRC +10216, the excitation of C3H is similar to that of SiCC: the rotational temperature Trot within the 2Pi1/2 ladder is low (8.5 K), because of rapid radiative decay, while Trot across the ladders is high (about 52 K), because interconnecting far-IR radiative transitions are only weakly permitted. The column density of C3H in IRC +10216 averaged over the estimated source diameter of 84 arcsec is 2.8×1013 cm-2, an order of magnitude less than that of C2H and C4H.

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