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Thaddeus et al. 1981

Thaddeus, P., M. Guelin, and R.A. Linke, 1981: Three new "nonterrestrial" molecules. Astrophys. J., 246, L41-L45, doi:10.1086/183549.

Eight new interstellar lines have been detected from three molecules not previously observed spectroscopically in space or in the laboratory. One is a linear or nearly linear molecule with microwave constants B0 = 21,337.15±0.06 MHz, D0 = 21.4±1.5 kHz. This is the thioformyl ion HCS+, first identified because B0 and D0 are close to those calculated, and now confirmed by laboratory detection of one of the present lines (Gudeman et al.). The second molecule, also linear or nearly so, has microwave constants B0 = 10,691,406±0.043 MHz, D0 = 1.84±0.91 kHz close to those expected for the isoelectronic systems HOCO+ and HOCN; a choice between the two cannot be made on the basis of the available astronomical data. The existence of a third molecule is deduced from an unidentified line at 85,338 MHz that has been found in many sources, is fairly intense in several, and may be self-absorbed in Sgr B2. No hfs or harmonically related lines to reveal the identity of this molecule have been detected.

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