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Ter Haar and Cameron 1963

Ter Haar, D., and A.G.W. Cameron, 1963: Historical review of theories of the origin of the solar system. In Origin of the Solar System. R. Jastrow and A.G.W. Cameron, Eds. Academic Press, pp. 4-37.

In this chapter, we shall give a historical survey of many of the theories dealing with the origin of the planetary system. No attempt is made to give a complete survey, hut it is believed that the more important contributions have been discussed. Even though this problem is perhaps the oldest unsolved problem of scientifie philosophy, there is a mounting interest in it, as can be judged from the fact that a majority of the theories to be discussed here have been proposed since 1938.

Most of the historical discussion of the problem of the origin of the solar system has been concerned with the explanation of only a small number of observational facts. We can summarize these facts under five headings: regularity of planetary orbits, similarity between planetary systems and satellite systems, difference between terrestrial and giant planets, Titius-Bode law, and slow rotation of the sun.

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