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Stothers and Chin 1980

Stothers, R., and C.-W. Chin, 1980: Influence of a stellar wind on the evoluation of a star of 30 M. Astrophys. J., 240, 885-891, doi:10.1086/158302.

A coarse grid of theoretical evolutionary tracks has been computed for a star of 30 M, in an attempt to delinate the role of mass loss in the star's evolution during core helium burning. For all of the tracks, Cox-Stewart opacities have been adopted, and the free parameters have included the rate of mass loss, criterion for convection, and initial chemical composition. With the use of the Schwarzschild criterion, the star suffers little mass loss during core helium burning and remains almost to the end, a blue supergiant, well separated from main-sequence stars on the H-R diagram. With the use of the Ledoux criterion, the same consequences are obtained only in the case of a relatively low initial hydrogen or inital metals abundance. Otherwise, the star evolves, first, into a red supergiant, whereupon rapid mass loss must be assumed to take palce, if the observed paucity of very bright red supergiants is to be accounted for. The stellar remnant then consists of little more than the original helium core, and may appear, for a time, bluer than equally luminous main-sequence stars, provided that the initial hydrogen and metals abundanced are normal. This, a wide variety of possible evolutionary tracks can be obtained for an initial mass of 30 M with reasonable choices of free parameters.

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