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Stothers and Chin 1969

Stothers, R., and C.-W. Chin, 1969: Advanced phases of evolution in massive red supergiants. Astrophys. J., 158, 1039-1057, doi:10.1086/150263.

Very general models have been constructed for the advanced phases of evolution in massive stars of 15, 30, and 60 M. Independent of the surface condition and the specification of the central energy source, the models may be specified by the two quantities E and Te. Introduction of the physical boundary conditions shows that the models represent evolutionary sequences of convective red supergiants, The phases of carbon, neon, and oxygen burning in the stellar core are considered, with and without the inclusion of the hypothetical electron-neutrino processes. Two starting core compositions are chosen: (1) pure carbon and (2) pure oxygen. Limitations on the possible structure and lifetime up to the presupernova stage are determined. During core carbon burning in the star of 15 M, the core mass increases slightly, while above ∼20 M and during the later phases of 15 M, the core evolves with monotonically shrinking mass due to the deepening convective envelope. Products of the burning of hydrogen, helium, and carbon are mixed to the surface through the hydrogen-burning shell at the base of the envelope.

Three tests of the hypothesis of electron-neutrino interaction have been made by comparing our theoretical results with the relevant observational data on the statistics of M supergiants, N and S stars, and yellow supergiants. The agreement between the results of all three tests points strongly toward the existence of the postulated interaction.

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ID  - st08410b
AU  - Stothers, R.
AU  - Chin, C.-W.
PY  - 1969
TI  - Advanced phases of evolution in massive red supergiants
JA  - Astrophys. J.
JO  - Astrophysical Journal
VL  - 158
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