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Stothers 1976

Stothers, R., 1976: White dwarfs, the Galaxy and Dirac's cosmology. Nature, 262, 477-479, doi:10.1038/262477a0.

The additive and multiplicative versions of Dirac's cosmological hypothesis relating the gravitational constant variation with elapsed time and number of particles populating the universe is invoked to account for the deficiency or absence of white dwarfs fainter than about 0.0001 solar luminosity. An estimate is made of white dwarf luminosity in accordance with the two evolutionary models, and it is conjectured that some old white dwarfs with high space velocities may be on the verge of gravitational collapse. Lack of a special mechanism to produce the vast numbers of black holes or other dead stars accounting for 'missing matter' in the vicinity of the Sun and in the galactic halo is noted in Dirac's multiplicative model. Results indicate that either Dirac's theory is untenable, or that radiation and heating are of some unknown nature, or that the process of creation of new matter requires a corresponding input of energy.

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ID  - st08300g
AU  - Stothers, R.
PY  - 1976
TI  - White dwarfs, the Galaxy and Dirac's cosmology
JA  - Nature
VL  - 262
SP  - 477
EP  - 479
DO  - 10.1038/262477a0
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