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Stothers 1979

Stothers, R., 1979: Magnetic Cepheids. Astrophys. J., 234, 257-261, doi:10.1086/157494.

The role of a magnetic field in the pulsational behavior of classical Cepheids has been studied by computing linearized models of pulsating stellar envelopes pervaded by a well-tangled magnetic field. It is found that the 'pulsational' masses of Cepheids that are implied by the theoretical values of the quantities Q(0), P(1)/P(0), and (possibly) P(2)/P(0) can be brought into line with the large 'evolutionary' masses, if the pressure due to the postulated magnetic field is assumed to be comparable to the thermodynamic pressure everywhere in the pulsating layers. The field strengths that are required - several hundred gauss at the surface and several ten thousand gauss at the base - are quite reasonable from the point of view of the observed magnetic fields in Cepheids. The influence of the magnetic field on the location of the blue edge of the instability strip in the H-R diagram is estimated to be very slight.

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