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Stothers 2009

Stothers, R.B., 2009: Volcanic eruptions and climate change. In Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and Ancient Environments. V. Gornitz, Ed., Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series. Springer, pp. 976-979.

Volcanoes erupt fragmented mantle material into the upper atmosphere. Only the lightest particles remain suspended, however. These tiny supplements to the ordinary air, water vapor, and dust can strongly affect the chemical, radiative, and dynamical properties of the atmosphere. Critical to assessing the magnitude of these effects is knowledge of the sizes and chemical composition of the volcanic particles, the total mass of particles injected, the vertical distribution fof the injected particles, the gographical location of the volcano, and the prior state of the atmosphere. Detailed chronologies of modern volcanic eruptions and of their spreading particulate clouds (called "dust veils" or "dry fogs") have been constructed in order to associate known volcanic eruptions with changes of long-term weather ("climate"). Interest focuses on how global and regional climates respond to volcanc forcing on various timescales. Such an understanding of the consequences of historical eruptions can help to illuminate both the past and the future of the atmosphere.

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