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Stothers 1970

Stothers, R., 1970: Internal structure of upper main-sequence stars. Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 151, 65-80.

In main-sequence stars heavier than 9 M, convective instability develops just outside the zero-age convective core as hydrogen depletion proceeds. At least ten schemes are available in the literature to treat the unstable intermediate zone which results. A detailed investigation is presented here, utilizing physical, laboratory, stellar-model, and observational considerations. Only two schemes survive, both of which are semiconvective: the modified Schwarzschild-Harm (SH) piescription and the modified Ledoux-Sakashita- Hayashi (LSH) prescription. The former scheme is tentatively favoured by the weight of laboratory evidence. In either case, the earliest stages of hydrogen depletion are characterized by a semiconvective zone which joins continuously the convective core and the outer radiative envelope. The later stages are characterized by a radiative detachment of the serniconvective zone from the core, except for masses above 15 M in the SH scheme. At any given mass, the final hydrogen profiles resulting from each of the two schemes are very similar.

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