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Spencer et al. 2000

Spencer, J.R., J.A. Rathbun, L.D. Travis, L.K. Tamppari, L. Barnard, T.Z. Martin, and A.S. McEwen, 2000: Io's thermal emission from the Galileo Photopolarimeter-Radiometer. Science, 288, 1198-1201, doi:10.1126/science.288.5469.1198.

Galileo's photopolarimeter-radiometer instrument mapped Io's thermal emission furing the 124, 125, and 127 flybys with a spatial resolution of 2.2 to 300 kilometers. Mapping of Loki in 123 shows uniform temperatures for most of Loki Patera and high temperatures in the southwest corner, probably resulting from an eruption that begin 1 month before the observation. Most of Loki Patera was resurfaced before 127. Pele's caldera floor has a low temperature of 160 Kelvin, whereas flows at Pillan and Zamama have temperatures of up to 200 Kelvin. Global maps of nighttime temperatures provide a means for eastimating global heat flow.

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