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Solecki et al. 2021

Solecki, W., G. Delgado, D. Roberts, B. Walsh, and C. Rosenzweig, 2021: Accelerating climate research and action in cities through advanced science-policy-practice partnerships. NPJ Urban Sustain., 1, 3, doi:10.1038/s42949-021-00015-z.

Cities and urban areas have become increasingly recognized as key sites for climate research and action. In the past decade, these efforts have been significantly advanced through science-policy-practice partnerships. The objective of this paper is to assess how these partnerships are structured, the research and action agenda that underpins them, and how this agenda is being articulated and implemented. In turn, the paper also helps to define some of the conceptual and operational gaps faced by the science-policy-practice community and how they can be addressed. The paper evaluates the critical conditions for promoting these advances including the definition and fulfillment of knowledge needs, the integration of different perspectives and approaches, establishment of pathways to finance the urban climate research and action community, and creation and promotion of new partnerships. These tools and methods include ways to promote novel indicator and monitoring systems, advanced assessment protocols, established and emergent knowledge transfer mechanisms (such as benchmarked reports, expert panels, networks), and case studies co-developed and evaluated by the science, practice and policy communities. The paper concludes with a series of strategies and recommendations for how targeted policy adjustments can accelerate and support the production of actionable knowledge and this integrated community of researchers, policymakers, and practitioners as it strives to meet the accelerating challenge of climate change in cities, as well as other threats including current and future public health crises.

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