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Sofia 1969

Sofia, S., 1969: Dynamical study of an H II region. Publ. Astron. Soc. Pacific, 81, 265-269, doi:10.1086/128770.

A study of the "equilibrium region" left behind the expanding ionization front in an H II region is perfonned in order to investigate the influence of the usually neglected dynamical effects in the structure of the region.

To that effect, we consider a 40,000°K star surrounded by an H II region with an initial electron temperature of 10,000°K, and an initial electron density of 100. The gas is allowed to heat up, cool down, and move according to general hydrodynamic equations. It is found that after about 15,000 years the gas has relaxed to the same temperature found by the static treatment, and that while small velocities (due to the gravitational attraction of the star) and density differences have developed, they are not significant. In consequence, a static treabnent for the "equilibrium region" is perfectly adequate, unless one is looking for transient effects of a time scale below about 15,000 years.

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