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Snyder et al. 2014

Snyder, S., R.M. Hoffstadt, L.B. Allen, K. Crowley, D.A. Bader, R.M. Horton, G. Roehrig, and P. Hamilton, 2014: City-wide collaborations for urban climate education. In Future Earth: Advancing Civic Understanding of the Anthropocene. D. Dalbotten, Ed., AGU Geophysical Monograph 203. American Geophysical Union/John Wiley & Sons, pp. 103-109, doi:10.1002/9781118854280.ch11.

Although cities cover only 2 percent of the Earth's surface surface, more than 50 percent of the world's people live in urban environments, collectively consuming 75 percent of the Earth's resources. Because of their population densities, reliance on infrastructure, and role ss centers of industry, cities will be greatly impacted by, and will play a large role in, the reduction or exacerbation of climate change. However, although urban dwellers are becoming more aware of the need to reduce their carbon usage and to implement adaptation strategies, education efforts on these strategies have not been comprehensive. To meet the needs of an informed and engaged urban population, a more systematic, multiplatform and coordinated approach is necessary.

The Climate and Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP) is designed to explore and address this challenge. Spanning four cities — Phaldelphia, New York, Pittsburgh, and Washington, DC — the projects is a partnership between the Franklin Institute, the Columbia University Center for Climate Systems Research, the University of Pittsburgh Learning Research and Development Center, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, New York Hall of Science, and the Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences. The partnership is developing a comprehensive, interdisplinary network to educate urban residents about climate science and the urban impacts of climate change.

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