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Simon and Stothers 1969

Simon, N.R., and R. Stothers, 1969: Pulsational instabilities in hydrogen-poor massive blue stars. I. Astrophys. J., 155, 247-255, doi:10.1086/149861.

The structure and pulsational properties of massive stars with helium cores and thin, hydrogen-poor envelopes have been investigated. The core structures are very insensitive to modifications of the hydrogen envelope However, it is found that the total stellar radius and luminosity are modified by the inte rated hydrogen content and by the hydrogen gradient, respectively. The models are pulsationally stable under modest conditions of central condensation (due to a hydrogen-burning shell and/or high hydrogen content). The unstable models are energized almost entirely by the helium reactions in the core, while most of the damping occurs in the thin hydrogen envelope. For each mass, the period is remarkably insensitive to the envelope modifications. The critical models dividing stable from unstable models are determined by (1) a pulsational eigenfrequency ω2 ∼ 3 and (2) the size of the hydrogen gradient. Our critical models explain some of the observed features of the classical Wolf-Rayet stars of high luminosity but seem to be too blue with respect to Rublev's sequence of stars on the H-R diagram.

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VL  - 155
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DO  - 10.1086/149861
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