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Shulman et al. 1974

Shulman, S., V.J. Bortolot, and P. Thaddeus, 1974: Weak interstellar lines in the visible spectrum of zeta Ophiuchi. Astrophys. J., 193, 97-102, doi:10.1086/153132.

Interstellar absorption lines in the spectrum of ζ Oph have been investigated using a synthesis technique to superpose 31 high-dispersion spectrograms in the wavelength region 365 ∼340 Å. The minimum detectable equivalent width is approximately 0.25 mÅ. Lines which have been observed for the first time in the spectrum of this star are Ca I λ4226, Fe I λλ3720 and 3860, and K I λλ4044 and 4047. Using these data and assuming ionization equilibrium, a new evaluation of the electron density, hydrogen density, and elemental abundances is presented for the -15 km/s cloud. With the direct measurement of both the Ca I and Ca II column densities, the relative abundance computations are shown to be insensitive to the choice of radiation field and kinetic temperature.

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ID  - sh04500f
AU  - Shulman, S.
AU  - Bortolot, V. J.
AU  - Thaddeus, P.
PY  - 1974
TI  - Weak interstellar lines in the visible spectrum of zeta Ophiuchi
JA  - Astrophys. J.
JO  - Astrophysical Journal
VL  - 193
SP  - 97
EP  - 102
DO  - 10.1086/153132
ER  -

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