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Shen and Chen 1964

Shen, C.S., and R.L.W. Chen, 1964: A.C. conductivity of a plasma. J. Nucl. Energy C Plasma Phys., 6, 389-399, doi:10.1088/0368-3281/6/4/303.

This paper computes the electrical conductivity of a fully ionized, spatially homogeneous plasma under the influence of a uniform, periodically alternating electric field. The velocity distribution of the electrons is determined by solving the linearized Fokker-Planck equations. All the terms in the collision integral are retained, including those representing electron-electron interactions. The resultant values of conductivity is expected to be valid in the range of frequencies from zero to below the plasma frequency.

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ID  - sh01400w
AU  - Shen, C. S.
AU  - Chen, R. L. W.
PY  - 1964
TI  - A.C. conductivity of a plasma
JA  - J. Nucl. Energy C Plasma Phys.
VL  - 6
SP  - 389
EP  - 399
DO  - 10.1088/0368-3281/6/4/303
ER  -

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