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Schmidt 2020

Schmidt, G.A., 2020: Unknowability in climate science: Chaos, structure, and society. Soc. Res., 87, no. 1, 133-149.

The field of climate science is a relatively new discipline that has arisen from the understanding that the previously distinct fields of meteorology, oceanography, hydrology, studies of the cryosphere, atmospheric chemistry, and such are fundamentally linked and that changes in one or another involve interactions and feedbacks across all these domains. This has always been known at a basic level, but due to the complexity of the overall system, the number of scientists working across these domains was relatively small until recent decades. With new understandings of coupled atmosphere/ocean variability of phenomena like the El Ni$ntitlde$o-Southern Oscillation, and the growing appreciation of the magnitude of human-caused climate change that emerged in the 1980s, the concentration of scientists working on climate, per se, as opposed to the previously disparate domains, has increased enormously.

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ID  - sc05700x
AU  - Schmidt, G. A.
PY  - 2020
TI  - Unknowability in climate science: Chaos, structure, and society
JA  - Soc. Res.
VL  - 87
IS  - 1
SP  - 133
EP  - 149
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