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Scargle et al. 2017

Scargle, J.D., M. Way, and P. Gazis, 2017: Structure in galaxy distribution. III. Fourier transforming the universe. Astrophys. J., 839, 40, doi:10.3847/1538-4357/aa692d.

We demonstrate the effectiveness of a relatively straightforward analysis of the complex 3D Fourier transform of galaxy coordinates derived from redshift surveys. Numerical demonstrations of this approach are carried out on a volume-limited sample of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey redshift survey. The direct unbinned transform yields a complex 3D data cube quite similar to that from the Fast Fourier Transform of finely binned galaxy positions. In both cases, deconvolution of the sampling window function yields estimates of the true transform. Simple power spectrum estimates from these transforms are roughly consistent with those using more elaborate methods. The complex Fourier transform characterizes spatial distributional properties beyond the power spectrum in a manner different from (and we argue is more easily interpreted than) the conventional multipoint hierarchy. We identify some threads of modern large-scale inference methodology that will presumably yield detections in new wider and deeper surveys.

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ID  - sc01600j
AU  - Scargle, J. D.
AU  - Way, M.
AU  - Gazis, P.
PY  - 2017
TI  - Structure in galaxy distribution. III. Fourier transforming the universe
JA  - Astrophys. J.
JO  - Astrophysical Journal
VL  - 839
SP  - 40
DO  - 10.3847/1538-4357/aa692d
ER  -

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