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Salvador et al. 2023

Salvador, A., G. Avice, D. Breuer, C. Gillmann, H. Lammer, E. Marcq, S.N. Raymond, H. Sakuraba, M. Scherf, and M.J. Way, 2023: Magma ocean, water, and the early atmosphere of Venus. Space Sci. Rev., 219, no. 7, 51, doi:10.1007/s11214-023-00995-7.

The current state and surface conditions of the Earth and its twin planet Venus are drastically different. Whether these differences are directly inherited from the earliest stages of planetary evolution, when the interior was molten, or arose later during the long-term evolution is still unclear. Yet, it is clear that water, its abundance, state, and distribution between the different planetary reservoirs, which are intimately related to the solidification and outgassing of the early magma ocean, are key components regarding past and present-day habitability, planetary evolution, and the different pathways leading to various surface conditions.

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