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Sato 1978

Sato, M., 1978: Interpretation of Molecular Absorption in the Atmosphere of Jupiter. Ph.D. thesis. Yeshiva University.

A fast method is developed for numerical solution of the invariant imbedding equation for the reflection function of a plane parallel layer. The two key ingredients in obtaining the fast solution are application of a tau-integration technique designed for stiff differential equations and explicit use of the fact that the high-frequency Fourier terms arise from the outer skin of the atmosphere. For a homogeneous atmosphere the resulting computing time is approximately a factor of two longer than for the efficient 'doubling' method; however, for an inhomogeneous atmosphere the method described is much faster than the 'adding' method. The spectrum of sunlight reflected by Jupiter is analyzed by comparing observations with multiple scattering computations. The analysis yields information on the vertical cloud structure at low latitudes and on the abundance of CH4 and NH3 in the atmosphere of Jupiter.

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ID  - sa05200k
AU  - Sato, M.
PY  - 1978
BT  - Interpretation of Molecular Absorption in the Atmosphere of Jupiter
PB  - Yeshiva University
CY  - New York, N.Y.
ER  -

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