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Russell et al. 2018

Russell, G.L., D.H. Rind, and J. Jonas, 2018: Symmetric equations on the surface of a sphere as used by Model GISS:IB. Geosci. Model Dev., 11, 4637-4656, doi:10.5194/gmd-11-4637-2018.

Standard vector calculus formulas of Cartesian three space are projected onto the surface of a sphere. This produces symmetric equations with three nonindependent horizontal velocity components. Each orthogonal axis has a velocity component that rotates around its axis (eastward velocity rotates around the north-south axis) and a specific angular momentum component that is the product of the velocity component multiplied by the cosine of axis' latitude. Angular momentum components align with the fixed axes and simplify several formulas, whereas the rotating velocity components are not orthogonal and vary with location. Three symmetric coordinates allow vector resolution and calculus operations continuously over the whole spherical surface, which is not possible with only two coordinates. The symmetric equations are applied to one-layer shallow water models on cubed-sphere and icosahedral grids, the latter being computationally simple and applicable to an ocean domain. Model results are presented for three different initial conditions and five different resolutions.

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