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Russell 2018

Russell, G.L., 2018: Building a climate model. In Our Warming Planet: Topics in Climate Dynamics. C. Rosenzweig, D. Rind, A. Lacis, and D. Manley, Eds., Lectures in Climate Change, vol. 1, World Scientific, pp. 51-73, doi:10.1142/9789813148796_0003.

Climate, or the average of day-to-day weather, can be very different at various points on Earth. The local climate in the Arabian Desert is hot and dry, while that in the Amazon River basin is hot and humid with frequent rain. In upstate New York, the climate changes from being warm in the summer with sporadic rain to cold in the winter with sporadicsnow. Hawaii, on the other hand, has a pleasant climate all year long. However, the day-to-day weather at all of these locations is much more variable. There can be dry days in the Amazon jungle, and rainy days in the Arabian Desert. There are some days in winter that are warmer than some days in summer. For further contrast, daylight in Antarctica lasts up to six months at a time with freezing cold day-in day-out. Can a climate model be built that can reproduce all of this complex behavior?

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