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Rosenzweig et al. 1996

Rosenzweig, C., J. Phillips, R. Goldberg, J. Carroll, and T. Hodges, 1996: Potential impacts of climate change on citrus and potato production in the US. Agric. Syst., 52, 455-479, doi:10.1016/0308-521X(95)00059-E.

Potential impacts of global climate change on fruit and vegetable yield in the US were investigated through simulations of citrus and potato. Simulated treatments included combinations of three increased temperature regimes (+1.5, +2.5, and 5.0°C), and estimates of the impact of three levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (440, 530, and 660 ppm) in addition to control runs representing current climatic conditions. Adaptive planting dates of -28, -14, +14 and +28 dayes were included in the potato simulations for current and increased temperature regimes. Twenty-two sites were simulated for citrus yields and 12 sites for potato, using climate records for 1951 to 1980. Response surfaces were developed for all combinations of increased temperature and CO2. Results of citrus simulations without CO2-induced yield improvement indicate that production may shift slightly northward in the southern states, but yields may decline in southern Florida and Texas due to excessive heat during the winter. CO2 effects tended to counteract the decline in simulated citrus yields. Fall potato production under current management practices appears vulnerable to an increase in temperature in the northern states; increased CO2 and changes in planting date were estimated to have minimal compensating impacts on simulated potato yields.

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