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Roach et al. 2022

Roach, L.A., E. Blanchard-Wrigglesworth, S. Ragen, W. Cheng, K.C. Armour, and C.M. Bitz, 2022: The impact of winds on AMOC in a fully-coupled climate model. Geophys. Res. Lett., 49, no. 24, e2022GL101203, doi:10.1029/2022GL101203.

Here we investigate the role of the atmospheric circulation in AMOC by comparing a fully-coupled large ensemble, a forced-ocean simulation, and new experiments using a fully-coupled global climate model where winds above the boundary layer are nudged towards reanalysis. When winds are nudged north of 45°N, agreement with RAPID array observations of AMOC at 26.5°N improves across several metrics. The phasing of interannual variability is well-captured due to the response of the local Ekman component in both wind-nudging and forced-ocean simulations, however the variance remains underestimated. The mean AMOC strength is substantially reduced relative to the fully-coupled model large ensemble, which is biased high, due to the impact of winds on surface buoyancy fluxes over the subpolar gyre. Nudging winds towards observations also reduces the 1979-2016 trend in AMOC, suggesting that improvement in the representation of the high-latitude atmosphere is important for projecting long-term AMOC changes.

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SP  - e2022GL101203
DO  - 10.1029/2022GL101203
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