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Rosenzweig et al. 2018

Rosenzweig, C., W. Solecki, C. Braneon, P. Racco, G. Mollod, D. Bader, M. Phillips, C. Lang, D. Manley, S. Ali Ibrahim, P. Marcotullio, D. Reckien, A. Ruane, M. De Los Rios White, U. Khalid, A. Ho, T. Gyeong Hamm, A. Jogesh, W. Bugler, E. Jimenez Alonso, G. Wade, A. Rycerz, T. Bailey, M. Berensson, S. Garg, N. Farhad, S. McDaniel, and K. Yilmaz, 2018: The Future We Don’t Want: How Climate Change Could Impact the World's Greatest Cities. UCCRN Technical Report. Urban Climate Change Research Network.

The Future We Don't Want project is a collaboration between C40 Cities, Global Covenant of Mayors, Acclimatise, and the Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) aimed at understanding and communicating key challenges cities are facing, and will continue to face, as a result of climate change. These four organisations have come together to illustrate the unique risks that climate change poses to cities through a scientific global data analysis, as well as to share urban responses to those risks through case study examples from real-world urban experiences and narrative story lines.

This Technical Report highlights the data analysis and case studies developed by the Urban Climate Change Research Network for this project. It serves as a foundation for building narratives and key communication tools around global impacts of climate change on cities and their responses that will serve as an inspiration for other cities looking to build their own resilience plans.

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PY  - 2018
BT  - The Future We Don’t Want: How Climate Change Could Impact the World's Greatest Cities
T3  - UCCRN Technical Report
PB  - Urban Climate Change Research Network
ER  -

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