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Robinson and Booth 2018

Robinson, W., and J.F. Booth, 2018: How will storms and the storm track change: Extratropical cyclones on a warmer Earth. In Our Warming Planet: Topics in Climate Dynamics. C. Rosenzweig, D. Rind, A. Lacis, and D. Peters, Eds., Lectures in Climate Change, vol. 1, World Scientific, pp. 133-154, doi:10.1142/9789813148796_0006.

Extratropical cyclones are the familiar low-pressure systems that dominate day-to-day weather over much of the planet. These storms follow typical paths denoted as storm tracks. They are important weather makers, bringing rain, snow, and sometimes damaging winds, and they are the engines of the mid-latitude climate system, carrying heat, moisture, and momentum from the subtropics towards the poles. Rainfall in mid-latitudes concentrates along the storm tracks. How these storms will change with a changing climate is, therefore, a leading question for how the weather and climate will be different on a warmer Earth.

Pioneering Norwegian meteorologists (Bjerknes and Solberg, 1922) exposed the fundamental structure of extratropical cyclones early in the 20th century. They elucidated their frontal structure and they recognized that these storms gain their energy from the contrast in temperatures between the warm subtropics and the cold Polar Regions. One of the most robust projections of climate models is that t surface temperatures will warm more near the poles than in lower latitudes as the Earth warms this denotes the polar amplification of global warming. From this, it is expected that mid-latitude cyclones will be weaker on a warmer Earth.

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